youth tennis pathways

Red Ball: Age 8 & Under

USTA’s revolutionary Net Generation programs enable youngsters to practice and play real tennis to scale. Simple lead up activities and modified courts, nets, racquets and balls introduce our youngest students to the skills needed to play tennis successfully.  Youth learn:

  • Balance, movement, agility, coordination
  • Throwing with rotation, catching and hitting
  • Racquet and ball control
  • Teamwork and cooperation

Orange Ball: Age 10 & Under


The Net Generation approach for youngsters ages 9 to 10 takes advantage of their improved concentration and focus as well as their physical strength, coordination and stamina. Drills, team building activities and game play help them improve:

  • Motor skills, fluency and movement
  • Approach to the ball, rotation and follow thru
  • Anticipation and reaction
  • Decision making and tactics

Green Ball: Age 11 to 14

This program is designed for 11 to 14 year olds who have an interest in playing tennis but have not taken intensive instruction. Students learn:

  • Stroke production, grips and footwork
  • Simple fitness drills
  • Shot selection and game style strategies
  • Court positioning, match play and scoring

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